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PRAISE Home School Association

Statement of Faith

  ● We believe the Bible is God’s infallible Word, that the  Word became flesh and dwelt among us… JESUS.

  ● We believe that Jesus alone, is the Lord, Savior, and  Messiah of the Old & New Testaments.

  ● We believe that He is the one and only Son of  God,  Jesus, who came to earth in the flesh and  died on a  cross as the once and for all, final  sacrifice, for our sins  and was raised from the  dead according to the Holy  Scriptures, and is  coming again.

  ● We believe in the triune God the Father, God    the  Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  ● We believe that “…there is no other name  under Heaven given among men by which we  must be saved.”

  ● We believe what Jesus said in the gospel of  John,    14:6, “I Am the Way, and the truth, and the  Life.  No  one comes to the Father, except  through Me.”

PRAISE Home School Association

Welcomes like-minded, Christian families who hold a high value of Scripture, and old-fashioned Judeo Christian beliefs, and adhere to a socially conservative perspective on issues that pertain to home schoolers in our world today.

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